Hello Folks! 

Let’s Get Acquainted.

I am Hardik Rawat, a Software Engineer, Technology Enthusiast as well as a Digital Marketer. I belong to Jaipur city, which is also known as the “Pink City of India”. I am a travel aficionado, a quick learner, and a keen observer.

As much as I love to travel, I am likewise very fond of Coffee. Also, I have an active interest in reading, writing and exploring new things constantly.

I am here to connect with you all and share my thoughts and travel stories. So let’s get acquainted and do share your travel experiences with me as well. I am looking forward to reaching out to many travellers around the world. Also, I will always be waiting for your questions, comments, feedback, suggestions or anything you want to share with me.

You can write to me at pixxelbug@gmail.com.

About Pixxelbug:-

Let me share with you all the story of how I started my page “Pixxelbug”.

Travel and photography have always fascinated me, so I decided to document the moments captured through my lens and share it with my friends. I always used to click pictures wherever I used to go with my family or friends. Whether I travel in my city or go out of the station, clicking pictures was always my forte.

In January 2018, I finally took a step ahead and created my Instagram page named as PIXXELBUG. Since then, I have been posting pictures and sharing my thoughts.

I want to connect with all the people around the world who love to travel and build a community of travellers, where everyone can share their travel or life-changing experiences, which help them to change their perception towards life and make them a better person. Also, I want to inspire people and help them to come out of their comfort zone and experience the joy of travelling.

I am active on Instagram. Do follow @pixxelbug to get the most recent updates.